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Julian Edgar
 Books by the author:

    21st Century Performance, Clockwork Media, 2000     SORRY OUT OF PRINT
       Performance Electronic Projects For Cars LIMITED STOCK OUT OF PRINT
   Amateur Car Aerodynamics Sourcebook, CreateSpace, 2013 At last - a book for those who like to modify the aerodynamics of their road cars! In this book author Julian Edgar explores a host of practical and low-cost techniques that you can do yourself
    Inventors and Amateur Engineers Sourcebook, CreateSpace, 2013
    Home Workshop Sourcebook, CreateSpace, 2013
    DIY Car Electronic Modification Sourcebook, CreateSpace, 2013
    DIY Testing of Car Modifications, CreateSpace, 2013 How to test aerodynamics, flow test intake & exhaust systems, assess performance improvements, and measure actual ... all without spending more than $50.00
    Tuning Programmable Engine Management, CreateSpace, 2014 How to select, install and tune programmable engine management, working from a home workshop and tuning on the road
    Hybrid and Electric Cars Amateur Sourcebook, CreateSpace, 2014
    Thoughts about Driving, Car Modifications and Life, CreateSpace, 2014
    DIY Suspension Development, CreateSpace, 2015 NEW PUBLICATION ON ORDER. Please inform me when DIY Suspension Development is available $TBA

About the Author
He edited a national Australian automotive print magazine before becoming editor of AutoSpeed, an online car magazine.Julian Edgar started his working life freelancing for photography magazines. He then worked as a secondary school teacher for eight years, teaching humanities, before leaving teaching and becoming a full-time automotive writer.

He edited a national Australian automotive print magazine before becoming editor of AutoSpeed, an online car magazine. Along the way he wrote extensively for Silicon Chip, an electronics hobbyist magazine, while contributing articles to publications in Australia, the UK and the US. He has been aerodynamically modifying his own cars for nearly 25 years.

He was the first automotive journalist to extensively wool tuft cars and write about the results (starting in 1989), and use Magnehelic gauges to directly measure aerodynamic pressures (in 2000) - both approaches now widely used by amateurs.

Julian lives in a hamlet 80 kilometres north of Canberra, Australia. He spends much of the week playing in his home workshop - for the rest of the time, he trains government Public Servants in high level writing skills.

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