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Maximum Boost Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems
Maximum Boost is the definitive book on Turbocharging. This hands-on book gives you the most detailed information available on understanding designing, setting up, testing and modifying your car with a turbocharging system

Supercharged! Design, Testing and Installation
Design, Testing and Installation of Supercharger Systems

Corky Bell
Corky Bell Born in Albuquerque and raised somewhere between Illinois, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Europe, he received a degree in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M. The author worked as an engineer at Bell Helicopter for twelve years. In 1977, he opened Cartech Racing in Dallas after his interest in turbocharging grew from a hobby into a business. He subsequently moved Cartech Racing to San Antonio and in 1992 formed Bell Engineering to expand the scope of business by providing engineering and fabrication services for light aircraft. For sixteen years he enjoyed the wonderful opportunity to play amateur auto racer (SCCA and IMSA), which left him with lots of hard-earned automotive experience, many fond memories, and many good friends. Married for twenty-seven years, with two daughters, he lives with his family in the great Texas hill country north of San Antonio.