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Don Loffler

Don Loffler has loved early Holdens ever since the first model, the 48-215, was introduced in 1948. He began to research the model in 1981 and when he retired from teaching in 1996, he decided to write his first book,

Shes a beauty! The story of the first Holdens  NO Longer Available 
The response to this book was overwhelming, enabling Don to assemble Still Holden together in 2000
NO Longer Available , a collection of new stories and information about the first model Holden car and utility, with hundreds of photos that have NEVER been published before.

Dons third book, The FJ Holden , appeared in 2002. Even more comprehensive than the first two books, it contains over 500 photographs on the iconic FJ model. NO Longer Available 

Don lives in Adelaide, South Australia. His family ensure that his enthusiasm for research and writing continues unabated.
To the surprise of many, Don Loffler is not the son of a Holden dealer. He has never been a Holden factory employee, nor has he ever worked in the motor trade. He is a former German, Latin and Chemistry teacher, who in his retirement has the luxury of writing books on his lifetime interest in early model Holden cars, their history and the social setting into which they arrived. Don has five new books in various stages of development, involving him in frequent Australia wide travel and research. 'If that's retirement; he says, 'I can't get enough of it!'

Books by Don Loffler:

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