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, Windows 8 and 8.1 ( 32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows 10 ( 32-bit and 64-bit)

Earlier versions of Windows are now considered AS OBOSLETE.

LATEST VERSION OF SUSPROG3D. V5.114A (Build 1431.0).            More Details

Chapman Strut Rear Suspension.

AUSTRALIA $A330.00 Licence Only.

OVERSEAS $300.00 AUD Licence Only

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SusProg3D is a complete 3D software package for the design, setup, evaluation and VISUALIZATION of race and road car SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Now with support for 30 different suspension types.
            with A-arm and single pivot
            with two lateral links and dual pivots
            TriLink strut suspension
             semi-trailing arm
            trailing arm with upper and lower lateral links
            lower A-arm, 2 upper links (virtual A-arm), toe link
            lower A-arm, 2 upper lateral links, trailing link
            upper A-arm, 2 lower links (virtual A-arm), toe link
            upper A-arm, 2 lower links, trailing link
            upper &  lower lateral link, upper and lower trailing link, toe control link  upper & lower virtual A-arms
            single top link, reversed lower A-arm, upper and lower trailing links
            single top link, parallel lower links, upper and lower trailing links
COMPOUND LINK SUSPENSIONS (Porsche 928, Jaguar and Ford Thunderbird)
            3 or 4 trailing links with Watts linkage or Panhard rod
            twin trailing arms with Watts linkage or Panhard rod (NASCAR style)
            4 trailing links
 De Dion Rear Axle
            3 or 4 trailing links with Watts linkage or Panhard rod
            twin trailing arms with Watts linkage (Alfetta style) or Panhard rod
            4 trailing links
 Mono link (Rear) for Trikes and Solar Cars
 Mumford linkage as an option for 3 and 4 link live axles.
Woblink linkage . as an option for 3 and 4 link live axles
Ford integral Link Independent Rear Suspension As used on the 2015 Mustang
Triumph GT6 Rear Suspension Transverse Leaf SpringUpper transverse leaf spring, lower reversed A-arm,  trailing link
Ford Twin I-Beam Front Suspension And Steering,
Speedway Style Rear Suspension, Using A Winters Torque Tube Axle, 4 Links, Birdcages And Jacobs Ladder.
Portal Axles (Or Portal Gear Lifts)  Off-road vehicle suspension and drive technology where the axle tube or the half-shaft is off-set from usually above the center of the wheel hub and where driving power is transferred to each wheel via a simple gearbox, built onto each hub.
Volkswagen Beetle Twin Trailing Link Suspension And Steering
Chapman Strut Rear Suspension. As used on the Lotus Elite (Lotus 14) and Lotus 15

Automatic generation of roll centre and swing axle lengths.
Automatic generation of chassis pivot points.
Camber adjustment location on top, bottom or both links.

SusProg3D Designer supports full 3D specification of all points.
Store &  recall suspension design data. Display of camber, roll centre, castor & wheel scrub in roll and bump.
A choice of shock absorber actuation styles for wishbone suspensions:
          conventional outboard mounting
            inboard mounting with rocking top arm
            pullrod pushrod and floating shock absorber
Display of wheel rates at various stages in suspension travel
Generation of spring design parameters
Anti-roll bar rate calculations
 Dynamic chassis roll angle and weight transfer calculations
Automatic generation of steering rack position to minimise bump steer
 Display of bump steer and toe-out in turn characteristics
 Drive shaft plunge Weight distribution
Automatic checking of a range of design parameters to find the "best" solution.Wishbone pivot axes may be tapered in both plan view and for anti-dive/anti-squat in side view, and
for any  chassis location point for suspension spring units.
 User specified chassis datums.
 User specified axis naming and orientation.
Camber and castor adjustment on specified wishbone links..

SusProg3D Help File now available as a PDF file  (approx 10MB)
Susprog3D FAQ Question and Answers To Common SusProg3D Installation Problems 
SusProg3D Tutorials Vehicle Data Files Sample Pantera, DeTomaso Pantera With Corvette uprights, Ford Falcon, Mcsorley 442 Locost Chassis 
Data Files supplied by SusProg3D Users
Testimonials From SusProg3D UsersTestimonials From SusProg3D Users SusProg3d Review by Michael Knowling of Auto Speed The World's Number One Online Automotive MagazineThe World's Number One Online Auto MagazineSusProg3d Review by Michael Knowling of Auto Speed The World's Number One Online Automotive Magazine 
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